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There are a number of licenses and permits issued by the City of Carbondale. Just call City Hall, 618-549-5302, and the switchboard operator will be happy to direct you to the department which issues the license/permit you may need.

Brice Dion, Building Inspector, can be reached at 618-457-3252.

Building Codes

Electrical Licensing

All persons performing electrical services on properties other than their own within the City limits of Carbondale have to be a licensed electrician. The City of Carbondale issues electrical licenses to persons who pass an exam designed by the Electrical Commission. It also accepts licenses from other municipalities within the State of Illinois. Electricians must keep a current copy of their license, surety bond and liability insurance on file in the Building & Neighborhood Services Division. Surety bonds are made payable to the City of Carbondale in the amount of $3,500. Liability insurance requirements are not less that $100,000-per person, $300,000-all persons, $50,000 property damage per accident. An electrical permit is required for each job where electrical work is performed. An Electrician's License permit is available in (pdf) format.

Building Permits

A building permit is required if you plan to construct, add to, alter, remove or demolish, or to commence the construction, addition, alternation, removal or demolition of a building or structure or install equipment for the operation of a building or structure. Fees for building permits to construct, add to or alter buildings or structures issued under this section shall be based on the estimated cost of such work, two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) with a minimum fee of five dollars ($5.00); provided, however, that fees for building permits issued to construct, add to or alter buildings or stuctures, when such work has been commenced without authorization of such building permit, shall be the administrative cost to the city attributable to investigation inspection and issuing of permits for such work, but in no event shall such fee be based upon the estimated cost of such work, less than two-fifths of one percent (2/5%) of such cost, or twenty five dollars ($25.00), whichever is greater. Forms for both, Building Permit Application for 1-2 family or Building Permit Commercial Application is available in (pdf) format.

Also available in (pdf) fomat are the:

Electrical Permit Application
Roofer Registration Form
Bidder Qualifications Statement

Sign Permits

Permits are issued for signs which are displayed in the City limits of Carbondale and in the mile and one-half zoning jurisdiction. Sign permits are issued to ensure that the placement or installation of signs are within the guidelines of the City of Carbondale Sign Ordinance. This Ordinance regulates the size of signage and is restricted by the zoning of the property, the square footage of the building or the lot frontage. Signs that are not required to have permits issued are real estate signs, yard sale signs, etc; however, these signs must be located on private property and cannot be erected in the right-of-way or on utility poles. The permit fee is based on the size of the sign and sign illumination. A Sign Permit is available in (pdf) format.

Demolition Permits

Demolition permits are required prior to demolition of a structure. The Building & Neighborhood Services Division may also request a property owner to demolish an unsafe, dilapidated structure. If an owner of a vacant dilapidated structure is not financially able to demolish the structure the City will remove the vacant dilapidated structure with the owner's permission and file a lien on the property to recoup the cost of demolition.  A permit is required for each structure to be removed at the cost of $10 per structure. An Agreement to Demolish is available in (pdf) format.

Hotel and Motel Licensing

Per Ordinance #2007-15 all hotel and motel establishments as well as Bed & Breakfast establishments are required to secure an annual license from the City of Carbondale. An inspection of such establishments are performed annually by the Building and Neighborhood Services Division to ensure compliance with public health and safty requirements as outlined in Chapter 16 of the Carbondale Revised Code. License fees are $10 per bed or $250 per establishment whichever is less.

A permit for the Hotel/Motel Licensing is available in (pdf) format.

House Moving Permit

A permit is required to be secured through the Building and Neighborhood Services Division prior to moving a house or any structure across or on any street or public right-of-way within the corporate limits of Carbondale. A fee of $100 is required for a House Moving Permit, available in (pdf) form.

Amusement Machine Licensing

All coin or token operated amusement machines located in the City limits are licensed by the City of Carbondale. These amusement machines include pool tables, video games, pinball machines, etc. An amusement machine license is issued to each owner/operator and card(s) are issued at a cost of $25.00 per machine and must be displayed on each machine in use within the City. An Amusement Permit is availble in (pdf) format.

Mandatory Rental Housing Inspection Program

The City of Carbondale also adopted the Mandatory Rental Housing Inspection Program which required rental property owners to register and provide access to rental dwelling units for inspection by City staff once every three years. The inspections are performed to ensure compliance with the building codes. If these structures are not "up to Code", a "Notice of Violation" is issued to the property owner requesting compliance within a specified period of time. If corrections have not been made within the designated period of time or an extension has not been granted, a citation may be issued for noncompliance with City Code.

A list of frequently asked questions about the Rental Housing Inspection is available in (in pdf format).

Rental Housing Registration and Designation of Agent Form - Download in PDF format.

Rental Inspection Program Power Point Presentation from the meeting of October 21, 2009. Download in PDF format.

Approved Contractor Applications

The City of Carbondale is always seeking additional contractors who work in the Housing Rehabilitation Program. Currently, the City administers grants for the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's (DCEO) Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) grant and the Illinois Housing Development Authority's (IHDA). Single Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation (SFOOR) grant and their Homebuyer program. We have operated rehabilitation programs for several years and look forward to the future.

Contractors experienced in building and renovating homes are encouraged to contact the Housing Programs Administrator, Travis Taylor at 648-549-5302 ext. 233. The City is an equal opportunity contractor and encourages minority and women owned businesses to consider this contracting opportunity. The City also is seeking contractors who are licensed by the State of Illinois to perform lead-based paint mitigation in homes being rehabilitated. If you are interested in futher information, please contact, Travis Taylor, Housing Programs Administrator, e-mail:  or phone 618-549-5302 ext. 233. The Contractor's Qualification Form is available here in (pdf) format.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Chris Wallace
Development Services Director
Phone: 618-457-3259


John Lenzini
Inspector Supervisor / Building and Neighborhood Services Division
Phone: 618-457-3251


Ordinance Requires Maintenance of Tall Grass and Weeds

The City of Carbondale Code declares grass and weeds over eight 8" inches in height to be a nuisance and requires their removal. The provision of the City Code pertaining to mowing grasses and weeds over eight inches in height does not apply to land zoned as Forestry or Agriculture which is used for agricultural purposes as long as a 20-foot perimeter adjacent to any right-of-way and/or residentially zoned property is mowed and maintained so as not to exceed the eight inch height. Owners and tenants are reminded that they are also required to keep adjoining public right-of-way mowed to the back of the curb, the edge of the street pavement and the alley.

Most property owners and tenants comply with the City of Carbondale's standards for the maintenance of tall grass and weeds. However, some property owners/tenants do not mow their property until the City posts the property in violation of the tall grass and weed ordinance. Therefore, upon finding the same property in violation more than once during the same growth season, a Court Citation will be issued to all owners and occupants of the property at the time of the second posting and for each subsequent posting that may be necessary during the balance of the growth season. If the tall grass and weeds have not been mowed within seven days after the posting, the City's mowing contractor will mow the property and the property owner will be billed for the mowing by the City.

For more information about this ordinance contact:

Building and Neighborhood Services Division
Phone: 618-457-3237

To see if a property has been posted:
A weed posting report can be viewed under the Resource Center - Weed Posting Reports


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