Emergency Snow Routes

Safety for Pedestrians During Winter Weather

Snow, sleet, and ice on sidewalks are hazardous to pedestrians, particularly those who are elderly or disabled. Carbondale is also home to a large number of student residents who walk to and from school. In order to help promote safe travel for pedestrians, City Ordinance requires that owners and occupants of properties adjoining public sidewalks to keep those sidewalks clear of snow, sleet or ice accumulation. This Ordinance requires that a path of at least 30 inches wide be cleared on sidewalks within 48 hours after the end of a snow or other freezing precipitation event.

Occasionally snow, ice, sleet, or freezing rain on a sidewalk becomes so hard that it cannot be reasonably removed without damaging the sidewalk. In these situations, a sufficient amount of sand or some other abrasive material should be placed on the sidewalk to make travel as safe as possible until the frozen material can be removed. Being proactive and removing snow, sleet, or ice from the sidewalk soon after the freezing precipitation has ended usually makes the removal and clearing process much easier.

If you have any questions about the City’s snow and ice removal requirements, please contact the City of Carbondale’s Building and Neighborhood Services Division at (618) 457-3237.

Reminder to Move Vehicles During Snow, Sleet or Ice Events

Parking is prohibited on Emergency Snow Routes during a snow emergency. A snow emergency is automatically declared when an accumulation of snow and/or ice exceeds two (2) inches. When this occurs, parking on any portion of an Emergency Snow Route street is prohibited, and vehicles will be towed so the snow plows can safely clear the streets.

Permanent signs are posted on each street that is designated as an Emergency Snow Route; these streets are given primary attention during snow, sleet, and ice removal operations. When snow or other freezing precipitation is forecasted, please make arrangements to move your vehicle(s) to the driveway, garage, or a side street so that you may avoid having your vehicles towed and or blocked in by piles of compacted snow.

As the streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes become substantially clear of snow, sleet and ice (clear from edge to edge, for the length of an entire block) the “no parking” snow emergency will be terminated and parking is again allowed on the street. If you have questions, please contact the City of Carbondale’s Maintenance and Environmental Services Division at (618) 457-3275.

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