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What is Tree City USA?

The Tree City USA program was es­tablished in 1976 by the National Ar­bor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the United States Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program. The program promotes and celebrates sustainable management and care of trees where we live. It en­courages community pride, educa­tion & individual action that improves forest resources & quality of life in our community. More than 3,400 commu­nities across the United States are rec­ognized each year and over 135 mil­lion people live in or near a Tree City community.

The City of Carbondale’s Forestry Management Division is proud to an­nounce our 35th consecutive year as a Tree City USA. Tree City USA and Tree City Growth Awards are a highly re­spected and sought after recognition in Illinois. Illinois currently is ranked 3rd in the United States for the most communities with 174. The City of Car­bondale is one of only four in Illinois that have held the national honor for 35 consecutive years or more.

The City of Carbondale is celebrat­ing for the second year in a row a Tree City USA Growth Award; this award recognizes Tree City USA communities for environmental improvements and achieving a higher level of tree care for the community.

In Illinois, as in most other states, the last Friday in April is designated as Arbor Day. This annual tree planting day originated in Nebraska where it was first observed on April 10, 1872, with more than 1 million trees planted.

The City of Carbondale’s Forestry Management Division will end our cel­ebration of Arbor Day with the com­memorative planting of two trees at our historic Woodlawn Cemetery by Mayor Mike Henry and City Council Members. Be on the lookout for more information on this event coming soon. Residents can also take an ac­tive part in Arbor Day by planting your own tree, or just taking the time to ap­preciate the trees in our community or on the campus of Southern Illinois University.

On one final note, the City of Car­bondale’s Forestry Management Divi­sion is proud to announce that South­ern Illinois University received its first national award as a Tree Campus USA. There are 254 campuses nationwide that are designated with this honor and SIU is one of 22 campuses in Il­linois to receive the distinguished award. 

Wood Chips Available

The City has a large supply of wood chips available free of charge to the residents of Carbondale. These chips are by-products of the Forestry Man­agement Division tree trimming and removal program. Chips are located at the Maintenance Environmental Services yard at 212 W Willow Street. To schedule a time to pick up chips, please call (618) 457-3275. The City does not deliver chips. For further in­formation or questions contact Mark McDaniel, City Arborist at (618) 549- 5302 ext. 332

City Ordinance Adopted 04/29/2015 concerning Trees, Shrubs and Bushes

Prohibited ROW Tree List for the City of Carbondale

Southern Illinois Recommended Species List



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