Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission shall advise the City Council concerning the following matters: A) Recommendations for energy conservation provisions in the Building Code; B) Study of possible incentives and financing methods of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy; C) Application of energy and environmental conservation principles within all facets of the City; D) Increase energy efficiency in transportation; E) Facilitation of inter-agency exchange of information, findings, and expertise in the field of energy conservation and environmental issues; F) Recycling and the use of recycled or reusable materials.  Further information about sustainability can be found at

Composition: Nine members appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Council, to include a wide spectrum and citizens with interests and expertise in environmental issues, energy use and planning, consumers, builders, and contractors, students, landlords, utility representatives and others with interest in energy and environmental matters.

General members shall be appointed for four (4) year staggered terms. One Carbondale Community High School member and one SIU student member shall be appointed for one (1) year terms and shall reside within the City limits. (CRC 1-14F-1)

Members of the Sustainability Commission are:

Aur Beck
Jane Cogie
Tom Grant (Ex-Officio)
Charlie Howe
Sorrel Kunath
Scott Thorne

Vacancy (2)

Shaunak Talapatra (CCHS Rep)
Vacant (SIU Rep)

 Loren Polley (Staff)

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