Library Board

The Board is specifically responsible for formulating rules and regulations for the control of the library and reading room as required. They also have exclusive control of the expenditure of all monies collected to the credit of the library fund, and of the construction of any library building, and of the supervision, care and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart for library purposes. The board also has the authority to appoint a suitable librarian and necessary assistants and fix their compensation, and has the authority to remove these appointees.

Composition: Nine (9) directors appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of Council. Must be city residents, with no more than one City Council member. Three year terms (CRC 12-2-1).

Members of the Library Board are:

 Roland C. Person (President)
 Barbara Levine (Vice-President)
 Susan Tulis (Secretary)
 Joyce Hayes (Treasurer)  
 Philip Brown
 Julian Pei
 Don Prosser
 Harriet Simon
 Sharifa Stewart


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