Personnel Board

The Personnel Board has jurisdiction over any appeals submitted by any employee of the City, and submits a written statement of facts, findings and recommendations to the City Manager. The Board's recommendations are advisory in nature and the action taken by the City Manager is final and conclusive. The Personnel Board also considers all proposed employee rules and regulations and conducts all necessary investigations for the purpose of making recommendations on new or revised rules and regulations.

Composition: Three members appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Council, three members elected by the employees of the City of Carbondale, and one member elected by the other six members. Citizen members must be qualified electors of the City, and may not be employed by the City of Carbondale. Three year terms (CRC 1-14C-1)

Members of the Personnel Board are:
David Chamness
Amber Ronketto
Arnold Taylor (Mayor appointed)
Christina Kuhns
Charles Vaught (Mayor appointed)
Harvey Welch, Jr. (Mayor appointed)
Jarin Dunnigan (Board elected)

Tara Brown (Staff)


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