Planning Commission / Zoning Board of Appeals

The specific duties of the Planning Commission include, but are not limited to: (1) to originate, prepare and recommend to the City Council a comprehensive plan as a guide for the future physical and social development of a territory which includes the City and up to one-and-one-half miles from the corporate limits; (2) to review and make recommendations concerning alleviating or solving social problems which confront the citizenry, provide for the economic development of the City, or provide for the improvement of housing conditions within the City; (3) to review and make recommendations to the Council concerning the Capital Improvements Program as it relates to the Comprehensive Plan; (4) to promote the comprehensive plan; (5) to review and make recommendations on proposed subdivisions; (6) to cooperate with other municipal and regional planning commissions and other agencies to recommend to the Council after a public hearing, amendment changes, supplements or repeals to the zoning ordinance, and to make recommendations on other matters relative to the developmental aspects of the City.

Composition: Nine (9) members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council, and one city council member serving in an ex-officio capacity. Not less than seven members shall reside within the city and two may live within the 1 1/2 mile zone beyond the city limits. All members elect the Chair. Four year terms. (CRC 15-1A)

Planning Commission members also serve as the membership of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Members of the Planning Commission are:

Jessica Bradshaw (Ex-Officio)
Randy Burnside
William Hamilton
Beau Henson
Jim LeBeau
Janet Lilly
Sandy Litecky (2nd Vice Chair)
LaRue Love
Grant Miller
George Sheffer


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